NO - Federated Register Service

  1. NO Patent Register

    • Coverage: NO-EP validations from 1.1.2008 onwards, NO patent applications from 1975 onwards
    • Updating frequency: daily
    • Availability of file inspection: Yes
    • URL to National patent register: https://search.patentstyret.no
    • Availability of Deep linking to National Patent register from FRS: Yes
  2. Contents provided via FRS

        FRS data Data provided NO - Contents
    1 Status Yes

    The following statuses are provided:

    Request for EP validation received
    -Request for EP pending in NO

    Patent limited
    -patent amended after administrative limitation, re-evaluation or by higher authority in NO, or after administrative limitation by the EPO

    Patent maintained in amended form
    -patent amended after opposition by EPO

    Patent revoked

    Patent revoked by applicant
    -ceased/cancelled as a result of administrative limitation in NO

    Patent lapsed
    -ceased/cancelled as a result of non-payment of annual fees

    Patent expired
    -ceased –patent protection period expired

    Patent surrendered
    -ceased –patent rights abandoned by holder or withdrawn

    Patent validated
    -EP patent valid in NO

    Patent not validated
    -EP not validated

    Appeal filed
    -EP not validated/patent ceased – reinstatement filed or appeal filed for higher authority

    NOTE: NO register holds no records of EPs not yet requested for validation in Norway

    2 Application No. No
    3 Publication No. Yes EPnnnnnnn
    4 Proprietor Yes All present proprietors are listed. If Norwegian proprietors are different from European proprietors, only Norwegian proprietors are listed.
    5 Invalidation date Yes Status date, ddmmyyyy, for the following statuses:
    Patent revoked
    Patent lapsed
    Patent expired
    6 Not in force since Yes Status date, ddmmyyyy, for the following statuses:
    Patent revoked
    Patent lapsed
    Patent expired
    Patent not validated
    7 Renewal fees
    last paid
    Yes Latest paid renewal fee ddmmyyyy, year of annual fee
    8 Register last
    Yes Latest update of record, ddmmyyyy
    9 SPC No
  3. Contact details

    (47) 22 38 73 00
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