About the product selector

An application for registration of a trademark must contain a specified list of the products (goods or services) for which the trademark will apply. You can read more about classification here. If you use pre-approved terms, your application will be easier to process in Norway and internationally. The product selector is a useful tool for creating such a list. It contains more than 70,000 terms for goods and services that the Norwegian Patent Office accepts.

How to search for products?

You can search for the products directly in the search field. Once you have a hit list, you can sort "by class" or by words that our algorithm deems most similar to your keyword, "by relevance". If you would rather explore what is contained in a product or service class, you can hold the mouse pointer over a class number in the list of classes to see the heading for the class. If you click on the class number, you will see all the products in that class. From the hit list, you can click on the entries you want to include in your application.

Once you have selected the products that you want to include in your application, you can either start a trademark application directly in Altinn or via our Application Guide.
You may click "Download/Translate/Save" to create a Pdf or Word document. The products will be translated into English automatically, so that it will be easy for you to create an international application later.
The list of products cannot be expanded after the application has been submitted.

What does "Advanced tools" offer?

"Advanced tools" offer powerful functionality especially for professional players, but it is available to everyone. You can paste a list of products into the "input and word area" or retrieve a product list from a previous application or registration. The tool helps you to effectively identify if a term is pre-approved, misclassified or if a duplicate exists. For example, if you click on a term that is incorrectly classified, a search is fired and then you can from the results list click on the correct term to replace.
Use the i-buttons actively for guidance.
The service has strong translation support, and we hope you enjoy the service.

For those of you who will apply for registration in other countries later

It is useful to know which other countries accept the products you choose. We have therefore created a system with color codes:
 Products approved in all countries are marked with a blue square ("Nice list")
 Products WIPO accepts in international applications (Madrid Protocol), shown with a gray square. To see which countries approve the current entry, look up the Madrid Goods & Services Manager.
 Entries marked in black square show that they are part of the Harmonized Database (HDB), which is agreed to by the EU registration authority EUIPO, the EU countries, Norway and several other countries. Norway is a member of HDB, and has translated 60,000 entries into Norwegian. HDB contains about 85,000 terms, but those which have not been translated into Norwegian are synonyms.