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Trademark text Hennessy PARADIS
Legal status
Detailed status
In force Granted With prior letter or partial/revoked refusal
Application number 201506286
Notification date
Priority 2014.12.24 FR 14 4 144 517
Registration number 1248225
Registered internationally , 1248225
Published in the Norwegian Gazette
Registration expires
Case type International Registration designating Norway
Trademark category Trademark
Type of Mark Three dimensional Mark
Trademark is in colour Yes
Goods/services (NICE class) 21, 32, 33
Figurative elements (Vienna class) 19.07.01
Applicant Société Jas Hennessy & Co. (FR)
Owner Société Jas Hennessy & Co. (FR)
Utensils and containers for household or kitchen use; bottles of glass, porcelain and earthenware; boxes, bowls, dishes, pots, saucers, cups of glass, porcelain and earthenware; cups of paper or plastic materials; drinking glasses; boxes of glass, porcelain and earthenware; decanters; cocktail stirrers; manual mixers (shakers); glass stoppers; ice buckets; ice molds; corkscrews; crystal (glassware); painted glassware; pipettes (wine tasters); menu card holders; bottle openers; pitchers; spouts; bottle pourers; wine bottle baskets; trays for domestic use, not of precious metal; tableware not of precious metal; dishes and plates of glass, porcelain and earthenware; perfume burners; perfume vaporizers; statues or figurines (statuettes) made of porcelain, terracotta or glass; unworked or semi-worked glass (except building glass); ornaments and decorative articles made of glass, porcelain and earthenware, namely: candy boxes, candlesticks, bowls, flower-pot covers, knife rests for the table, napkin rings, vases and flasks.
Beers; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages; fruit beverages and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages.
Alcoholic beverages (except beers); alcoholic cocktails.
Société Jas Hennessy & Co.
Rue de la Richonne 16100 COGNAC FR
Société Jas Hennessy & Co.
Rue de la Richonne 16100 COGNAC FR
Postboks 488 0213 OSLO NO ( OSLO Municipality, OSLO county )

Org. number: 982702887
Your reference: T61503142NO00R LTM/IED
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Source: The Brønnøysund Register Centre
  • 2014.12.24 FR 14 4 144 517

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Granted With prior letter or partial/revoked refusal
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04-02 Outgoing Letter SGPFAR
Incoming, AR118823932 Korrespondanse (Hovedbrev inn)
03-01 General letter or reply on time limit Korrespondanse (Hovedbrev inn)
03-02 Main letter Hovedbrev
03-03 Power of attorney Fullmakt og annet dokument
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02-01 Outgoing Letter Madrid IN_REFEXO (word)
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