Key info that gives quick info on the case
Description Value
Database last updated
Legal status
Detailed status
In force Registered Renewed
Application number 200513379
Priority None
Registration number 234745
Published in the Norwegian Gazette
Registration expires
Case type National mark
Trademark category Trademark
Type of Mark Text and device Mark or purely figurative Mark
Trademark is in colour No
Goods/services (NICE class) 42
Figurative elements (Vienna class) 26.04.06
Applicant Birkeland Innovasjon AS (NO)
Owner Birkeland Innovasjon AS (NO)
Arbeider med forskningsbasert nyskaping primært ved UiO, innovasjon, patentering, lisensiering.
Birkeland Innovasjon AS
Postboks 1061, Blindern 0316 OSLO NO ( OSLO Municipality, OSLO county )
Birkeland Innovasjon AS
Postboks 1061, Blindern 0316 OSLO NO ( OSLO Municipality, OSLO county )

Status history

List over status changes in case history
Legal status Decision date, detailed status
Registered Renewed
Registered Prior letter or first partial refusal performed and revoked
Pending First letter of examination exists
Pending Formal checks performed
Pending New application created


List of case history and correspondence
Date Correspondence type Journal description
Outgoing VM Batch Varsel om betaling av fornyelse (3321)
05-01 Outgoing Letter VM Batch Varsel om betaling av fornyelse (3321)
Outgoing TM Registrering Nasjonal (2006.09.20)
04-01 Outgoing Letter TM Registrering Nasjonal (2006.09.20)
Incoming Korrespondanse (hoved dok)
03-01 General letter or reply on time limit Korrespondanse (hoved dok)
03-02 Other document Annet dokument
Outgoing TM Realitetsbrev_national tm (2006.08.02)
02-01 Outgoing Letter TM Realitetsbrev_national tm (2006.08.02)
Incoming Søknadsskjema VM (TM Form)
01-01 TM Application form Søknadsskjema VM (TM Form)
01-02 Color image as attachment Figurmerker og bilder
01-04 Trademark picture Picture of Trademark

Payment due:

Next renewal/annual fee:

Payment history:

List of payments
Description / Invoice number Paid date Amount Status
Renewal fee trademark 2016.09.05 2600 Inven2 AS Paid and approved
30525360 2005.12.16 2300 Birkeland Innovasjon AS Paid
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