Key info that gives quick info on the case
Description Value
Database last updated
Trademark text STØRST AV ALT
Legal status
Detailed status
Not in force Finally shelved Sub code not available
Application number 200500332
Priority None
Case type National mark
Trademark category Trademark
Type of Mark Word Mark in standard font
Trademark is in colour No
Goods/services (NICE class) 41
Applicant Den Norske Kirke Kirkerådet (NO)
Kulturelle aktiviteter.
Den Norske Kirke Kirkerådet
Postboks 799 Sentrum 0106 OSLO NO ( OSLO Municipality, OSLO county )

Status history

List over status changes in case history
Legal status Decision date, detailed status
Finally shelved Sub code not available


List of case history and correspondence
Date Correspondence type Journal description
Outgoing Endelig Henleggelse (2005.05.31)
05-01 Outgoing Letter Endelig Henleggelse (2005.05.31)
Outgoing Henlagt manglende svar (2005.04.12)
04-01 Outgoing Letter Henlagt manglende svar (2005.04.12)
Incoming e-mail korrespondanse
03-01 E-mail received e-mail korrespondanse
Outgoing Formelle Mangler1_Nasjonal Trademark (2005.02.10)
02-01 Outgoing Letter Formelle Mangler1_Nasjonal Trademark (2005.02.10)
Incoming Søknadsskjema VM (TM Form)
01-01 TM Application form Søknadsskjema VM (TM Form)
01-02 Other incoming document Annet (OBS! main doc)
01-03 Other incoming document Annet (OBS! main doc)
01-05 Trademark picture Picture of Trademark

Payment due:

Payment history:

List of payments
Description / Invoice number Paid date Amount Status
30503259 2005.03.14 2100 Den Norske Kirke Kirkerådet Paid
This economic overview may lack information, particularly for older cases, for reimbursements, international trademarks and international designs.