International databases

Are you considering other markets than Norway or need to find out if an invention is new? Below is a list databases that covers several countries. The services are free of charge.


Design and Trademark

Link to spaacenet


Espacenet gives access to patents from more than 90 countries. You can search EPO's database of European patents, you can search all content ("Worldwide"), or access the Espacenet databases of other member states.
Link to TM View


A free trademark search tool for all EU member states, Norway, USA and other countries, in addition to EUIPO and WIPO. TMView provides one shared search tool, available in several languages.
Link to patent scope


A WIPO search tool for international patent applications (PCT applications) and some other countries. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is a worldwide system for simplified filing and examination of patent appliations.
Link to Global Brand Link

Global Brand Database

Global Brand Database includes international trade mark applications from WIPO and trademarks from some other countries. You will also find appelations of orgin and official emblems. This is the only non commercial database that offers image-based search.
Link to patents google

Google Patents

Google Patents includes over 87 million patent publications from 17 patent offices around the world, as well as technical documents and books. 
Link to DesignView


Designview is an access point to designs from EU-members, Norway and other countries in addition to EUIPO (EU-design). A search tool for all participating member states, available in several languages.
Link to Uspto

USPTO: Patents

United States Patent and Trademark Office search tools for patents in full-text from 1976.
Link to madrid express

Global Design Database

Global Design Database includes international designs from WIPO and some other countries. Functionality is identical with Hague Express which only covers international designs. 

Do you need help performing your search?

Norwegian Industrial Property Office offers preliminary search service to those who need assistance searching and/or interpreting the results. If you want to learn more about seaching, or patent, trademark and design we offer training. 

Private patent agents can also assist you with preliminary searches and preparation of applications in Norway and abroad.  

Do you want to file applications abroad?

There are several options. See international patenting, trademark or design registration.