About the product selector

A trademark application requires a specified list of products (goods and services) for which the trademark will apply. The rroduct selector is a useful tool for compiling this list. It contains more than 26.000 terms that are pre approved in Norway. A list of pre approved products will fast track your application in Norway and internationally.

All pre approved products are searchable in this tool. Products that are approved in all countries are blue (the "Nice-list"), products that are approved in Norway are orange, while products that are approved in international applications (Madrid protocol) and most other countries are grey. To find out which countries, you need find the term in the Madrid Goods & Services Manager.  

Navigate by searching or by choosing classification code. You may see the class heading by holding the cursor over a classification code. By clicking on a classification code you will get all approved products in that class. Choose the products you want to include by clicking on them.

When you have finished selecting products, click "Save/translate" to save your list in pdf or Word. You will see that your products are translated into Norwegian. Use this list to paste the text into the application form in Altinn, or use it as attachment to your application. Trademark applications filed to NIPO must include list of goods and services in Norwegian. 

Please note that the list of products cannot be expanded after filing.

About classification

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office is a part of The International Classification System administered by the Nice-union. The international list of goods and services consists of 45 classes.

In addition to the Nice-list, there is a supplementary list of products approved byThe Norwegian Industrial Property Office and terms approved by WIPO. The list is updated when amendments and/or additions are accepted and included.
NIPO reserves the right to remove products from the list.

You should choose the products you are using your trademark for today, or plan to use in the near future. If you choose to use the class heading, you apply for most of the products included in this class. Before you choose this option, you should consider the regulations concerning non-use of the mark, and also the possibility of likelihood of confusion with other trademark registrations. The list of propducts is not exhaustive. You may add  other products, although this may cause a more time consuming examination process. Read more about classification.

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