What is NIPO's Search?

What can you use the service for?

  • Carry out a trade mark search (check to see if the same or a similar trademark already exists, before spending time and money on protecting or using it)
  • Check existing patent literature, before spending time and money developing something that has already been invented
  • Check whether there are equal or similar designs to yours, before you spend time and money developing it
  • Discover what your competitors are protecting
  • Discover which industrial property rights a company holds before you invest in the company
  • Read details about cases: description, images, correspondence, payment and much more
  • Continous: payments and orders made via our Payment solution
  • Daily: new publicly available applications, changed status and new correspondence
  • Each weekend: all other changes (name, address, representative, changed image, changed mark etc.)
  • For each case you will find detailed update information regarding that case. This will be the date of last full update (weekend), or later if there has been a change in the case

Where does the data come from?

  • The service gives you access to a copy of publicly available data regarding Norwegian trademarks, patents and designs in Norway. The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) holds the registry.
  • Norwegian public patent applications from approximately 1976 and published Norwegian patents from 1976, including SPC, and some older cases.
  • Norwegian trademark registrations dating back to the late 19th-century, provided that the registration was in effect at the time of digitalization which began in1996. All Norwegian trademark applications filed from the year 1987 are available.
  • Norwegian design applications submitted from 1. April 2003. In addition, key information is available for registered designs that were still in force in the summer of 2006 (covering registration numbers 67149-70200 and all registrations from 70201 to 79802). These older designs are searchable, using a limited range of search fields (ref. Help)
  • In the case of patents, links to published patent documents and/or to the Norwegian Gazette, Espacenet and European Register for EPs.
  • In the case of trademarks or designs, a link to the Norwegian Gazette and in some cases a link to an international Gazette (later years only).

The service is a consultation tool where you can search for industrial property rights in Norway. The service has good functionality for sorting and analysis of search results (tasks you previously had to do in a spreadsheet). Connected to this service we offer Alert where you can keep track of changes in cases or monitor competitors or subject area for new applications. The Statistics tool gives access to statistics about patent, trademark and designs in Norway. 

The search is a consultation tool for trademarks, patents and designs. When it comes to business decisions, professional assistance and advice is often necessary.

The official register also contains data not published in this database. The accuracy of this data is a result of customer filings and internal processing at NIPO. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that information about searcher/owner is correct or updated in all cases, as this information is provided to us by searcher/owner.

All production processes are NS-ISO 9001:2008 certified.  The Office guarantees a high level of accuracy for our data, but errors may occur. The Office cannot be held accountable for such errors. If you detect errors, please contribute via our feedback service. 
Please be aware of the possibility that an application or a right that does not appear to be in force, may be appealed, and then reappear as an uninterrupted right.

Learn more about the processing of an application and the different statuses in use (for example resumption and appeals) at www.patentstyret.no. Use therefore information on legal status with care.

The content of this website is regulated by the Norwegian Trademarks, Patents and Designs Acts.

IP addresses of visitors to the website are stored, but for the sole purpose of providing statistics. To be able to exploit this service fully, you need to have javascript installed on your browser.

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The Online search application provides public and free access to industrial property rights (trademarks, patents and design) in Norway.

Reproduction of search reports, the detailed view of information in a case or other reports is authorized, provided that the source is acknowledged and stated on the reproduced material. It should also be stated that the mentioned material is available free of charge.
Reproduction of all or major parts of the database is illegal.
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